Carla Eliason

Hey all, this is a collection of various articles I wrote for my classes in exercise and wellness management. I just recently graduated and am looking for a job, but I figured there is no better way to find one than building up a reputation online.

I graduated from the University of Utah less than 6 months ago and did a lot of work on the subjects of natural remedies to various ailments ranging from colon toxicity to constipation and even weight loss as it relates. I also worked on some research on creatine supplements and other similar topics.

Most of the articles I'll be putting up here are related to this "happy" subject, but they were all written by me during my junior and senior years. Feel free to comment. I'm always up for some comments.

If you'd like a sneak peek into what I've been working on, here are some of the resources I've used on the subjects I've been writing: If you're looking to avoid a colonoscopy or lose some weight you may want to look into a product called super colon cleanse. It's the best colon cleansing product I've ever come across. And I did some research, if you know what I mean :).

In other subjects, I also hit on some topics such as electrolyte deficiency, which I'll get to in an article at some point. If you weren't aware, electrolyte supplements are one of the top reasons that people have problems when running (right next to anemia, lack of iron).

If you want more info on either of these subjects, look through my articles on the pages across the top menu. Otherwise, I've actually found this wikipedia page on health to be strangely enlightening :).